Sunday, November 11, 2018

Good afternoon!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone has had the chance to take in part of the Remembrance Day events today.
At school we read several stories that dealt with the war and the sacrifices the soldiers made for us.
This image shows the cover of the book A Bear in WarImage result for a poppy to remember

We focused on peace and a symbol of peace was a dove. The students painted a red dove and then wrote about what they would think about during the 1 minute of silence.
I will post the picture on Monday. They were beautiful.

This Week;

1. Pd day on Friday so there will be no school.

2. Homework- it will go home as usual but it will be due on Thursday. Spelling test will be on Thursday this week!

3. Literacy- students have been looking closely at similes and how they make their writing more interesting. This week I will be focusing on strong lead sentences and creative conclusions. Then we will work on writing a paragraph together!

4. Math- students looked at congruent shapes (same shape and size).  Also, I focused on 2 digit subtraction with and without borrowing. Students could use a bit more practice but overall they are grasping the technique. I will be moving to 3 digit addition in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to Noah for a very detailed presentation. I was very impressed with the attention to detail in all parts of his presentation! Well done!!!

We look forward to Kianna's presentation on Thursday!!!

Remember to refer to pizza and subway days that were listed in the previous post!!!
Have a great short week:)

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Happy Sunny Sunday!

Hello everyone!

Last week was a great Spirit Week! We all had a great time taking part in each days events. Thanks to everyone who donated- all money will be given to the Tornado Fund. 

This week

1. Homework- same format as usual. There is also a math page included. I am looking for more detailed sentences from my students. They have been looking at adjectives for a couple of weeks now so their sentences and paragraphs should reflect it. 
We briefly looked at a descriptive graphic organizer. I will be showing them how to complete it and then eventually work on developing a paragraph. 

2. Math- Polygons are our focus. Students have been looking at the attributes of a polygon (same length sides, parallel sides and right angles). This week we will focus on sorting polygons by attributes using a Venn diagram. 

Other News
Thank you to Radin for a great Star of the Week presentation! We learned a lot of interesting facts about him. We look forward to Noah's presentation this Friday!

2. Pizza and Subway dates
Please mark your calendars at home of the pizza and subway days!

Nov. 6, Dec. 4, Jan. 8, Feb. 5
Nov. 13, 20, 27
Dec. 11, 18
Jan. 15, 22, 29
Feb. 12, 19, 26 

Have a great week everyone!
Mrs. G;)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Happy Sunday!

Good morning everyone!
Now that some winter weather has arrived please ensure your child is dressing appropriately for the weather. Hats and mitts are recommended!!!

Last week:

1. Literacy- we continue to look at adjectives and how they help the reader visualize. Students are encouraged to use adjectives in their daily work to create compound sentences.
Students will be writing a recount of their weekends tomorrow!!!
This week, as a class we will try look describing an object. I will walk them through a graphic organizer and eventually we will write a paragraph together.

2. Math- students have been working on a daily problem each math class. Students use CUBES to understand and evaluate the question.
Related image
We are creating a list of action words that will help determine if the question is asking them to add or subtract.
We have also begun our unit in Geometry. First, we will focus on polygons, then we will continue with 3d solids.

3. Homework- thank you to those that are consistently submitting their homework on time! Way to go!! This week they will have a Halloween adjective page to complete as well.

4. Art- we have been looking at foreground, middleground, background as well as cool and warm colours and this week we looked at lines.
We have some very creative artists in our classroom.

Thank you to Sheldon for a wonderful Star of the Week presentation. We learned a lot about his interests.

We look forward to Radin's presentation this Friday!

Spirit Week!

The school is raising funds for the tornado victims of Ottawa. We are asking for a $1 donation to participate. Here is a schedule of the week's events. 

Library-  our library schedule has changed. We have our weekly visits on Wednesdays. Please have library books back to school by Tuesday each week. Thank you. 
Image result for library books

**** I'm looking for old magazines! If you have any to donate to the class it would be great. I would need them for Wednesday!!! Sorry for the short notice. I will take them after Wednesday as well! Thank you*****

That's all for now. Enjoy your week!
Mrs. G 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Happy Sunday!!

Here comes the cold weather! Please be sure your child comes to school dressed appropriately!

Last week

1. Students came home with their first math assessment. Overall, everyone did very well on it. I will be sending home their second assessment on Data Management tomorrow. Please sign and return it to school on Tuesday. Students did a great job!

2. Math- we are looking at fact families. We are investigating the relationship between addition and subtraction facts. Students seem to have a good grasp on the concept already.

3. Literacy- we have begun our heavy study on Descriptive writing. This unit should take us right to the end of November.
Presently, the students have been listening to various texts and visualizing. We are looking at how adjectives help readers paint a better picture in their minds. 
We will continue to focus on using creative adjectives in our daily work. I strongly encourage them to practice using strong adjectives in their homework. Two adjectives per sentence will create more interesting work. 

4. Homework- everyone is doing a great job returning their homework on time!! Thank you so much!
Remember to sign spelling test booklets and math assessments for they can earn a dollar!!!

I wanted to share some pictures of a science experiment we conducted in class. We were looking at how strong and stable a structure can be made to hold a weight of 500gr. Once again the triangle came out strong!!

Congratulation to Fadi- what a great presentation! Our next Star of the Week is Sheldon! We look forward to hearing all about your favourite things!

Have a great week everyone!!!
Mrs. G

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Good evening!

Hello parents,

Last Friday we had a presentation on bus safety. Through song and games the students learned essential bus safety tips. These tips will be helpful to all! Ask your child about the presentation and Buster!

Friday was a very busy day in our classroom. We had a our weekly spelling test. Everyone did a great job! I hope your child told you about our game called 'Spelling Mad Minute', if they didn't you need to ask them about it!!!

We also had a short math assessment on place value. I will be sending the assessment home to be signed by parents. 

There will be an assessment on data management this Wednesday Oct. 17th. Students will demonstrate their knowledge, application and thinking in regards to graphs.

1. Students will be receiving their new homework sheets on Monday. Please help your child do a little bit of homework each night so that they are able to hand in their work on time ( every Friday).

2. Math sheet- there will be a math sheet for homework this week. It will be an example of the type of question the students will seeing on the test. 

Other News

1. Pizza and subway orders are available until October 21st. Please pay by cash on line. 

2. Monday October 15th- picture day! Bring your smiles to school!

3. Dressing for the weather- please ensure that your child has the appropriate coat/sweater and footwear for the day. The field is often muddy so rain boots are great for rainy days!

4. Book orders- please have orders in by Wednesday. I prefer cheques but cash is fine as well (sorry I don't have change if you send in cash). 

Have a great week everyone!!
Mrs. G :) 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend with family and friends!

Here is an update from last week. 

1. Thank you to Logan for an amazing job on his Star of the Week. He was our first star this year and it was fantastic. The students and I learned a lot about him. Way to go!!!

Our next star of the week is Fadi! We look forward to learning all about him on Friday!!!

2. Chocolate Sales- if you have finished selling chocolates please return the money in the envelope provided. If you wish to receive another box, please email Mona directly. 

3. Homework- thank you so much for helping your child complete their homework and returning it on time. If they are unable to finish due to other commitments during the week, please leave me a note and I will be happy to give them extra time

Image result for homework

Library- we have visited the library once so far this year. Our scheduled time is on Thursdays, I will ask that all library books are returned on Wednesday of each week. Thank you Image result for library

Math- students will be formally assessed this week and next week on place value and data management. 
They will be showing me how to decompose numbers using words, blocks, expanded form and in a place value chart.
Data management- students will show the application of data onto a pictograph or bar graph and interpreting information gathered on a graph.
Dates for both assessments will be recorded in their agendas this week.

Homework- I will be giving homework out this week- it will be due on Friday!

Other news;

1. Please ensure your child has a water bottle everyday for school and a spare pair of socks/pants. The field is quite muddy and last week there were several slips into the mud! Thank you

2. Arriving to school on time- I believe this is very important for both your child and the others in the class. Several important things happen in the first 10 minutes of class-  the school announcements and the class message which explains our whole day. Arriving on time is less disruptive for your child and the others in the class.  Thank you!!!
Image result for clock 8:30

3. Pizza and Subway orders are available on Cash online. If you are having difficulty ordering or getting on line please contact the school and the secretary will be happy to help you. Image result for pizza slice

4. Picture day- Next Monday is our picture day! Be sure to have your smiles ready!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Happy October!

Wow it is hard to believe that a month of school has already passed!

We have been very busy in all areas of the classroom.

Here is an update:

Literacy- we continue to discuss connections between stories we have read and our own personal experiences. This week students will be looking closely at recount writing. We will be digging into the concept and learning how create an introduction, sequence the events in chronological order, use linking words and a conclusion.
I will be posting a picture of our anchor chart once we co-create one in class.

Homework- I have given the students their spelling sheet (same format from the beginning of Sept) as well as a math sheet. Students have been working on place value for the past month. They should be able to complete the sheet with little assistance.

Spelling test- the test will be on Thursday this week as there is a PD day on Friday. Please try to practice each night as these words are a little more difficult.

Math- we will be wrapping up Data Management in the next week. I will be announcing a date for a short assessment next week. It will consist of interpreting both bar and pictographs as well as completing a graph using data provided.

Other News

1. Terry Fox walk today was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who donated. We hope to reach our goal of $1200.

2. Pizza and Subway orders are available on cash on line. Last day to order is Oct. 13th.

3. Star of the Week- I was the first Star of the Week last Friday. I presented several interests of mine to the class with pictures and objects. I have passed the bag containing the information to Logan. He will be presenting this Thursday!
If your child returns home with a large cloth bag then you know they have been chosen to be the next star of the week. Presentations are always on Fridays (except for this week).

I will be posting pictures after each presentation!

4. Thanksgiving mass- will be held on Wednesday at 10:15. All are welcome to join us.

Here are few pictures from today!

Have a great week everyone!!