Thursday, February 14, 2019

Important information!!!

Due to transportation issues, Swim to Survive will be postponed until further notice. 

I am working hard to get this resolved. I will inform everyone of the new dates. 

Thank you.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Good afternoon everyone!!

Here are some updates from last week!


Our focus this month is QAR (question, answer, response). Students are looking at various types of questions and learning how to find the answer in a text. They have looked at several texts and can see a pattern growing with how a question is worded and how one should go about answering it.

We have been looking closely at repeating patterns and learning how to write the pattern rule.
I encourage those that want to keep practicing to go onto Prodigy for some great questions.

Students brought some music to library last week. They were having a great time with the Boom Wackers. We will continue with them this week as well.

Thank you to Neil for a wonderful presentation!!!

We look forward to Cole's presentation on Thursday!!!


1. Report cards go home on Wednesday. Please sign the bottom portion of the report card and return it with the envelope as soon as possible.

2. French Pathway forms went home last Monday. Please return them to school by March 7th.

3. No school on Friday February 15th

4. Family Day Monday Februrary 18th- no school

5. Pizza and Subway lunch orders are available on line until Feb. 21st

6. St. Rita School Dance is on February 22nd at Frank Ryan School.


The Gr 6 students will be selling raffle tickets
this week for a basket of craft supplies or
the Candy Guess. All tickets are .25¢ or 5 for $1.00
Proceeds go to supporting the Gr.6 End of Year Trip.
Draw will take place Wed. Feb 13th, end of day.

We decided to have some fun in the snow on Friday! What a hill!!!!

Have a great week everyone! Pray for no snow!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Hello everyone,

Here are some activities that we are up to this past week and this week coming!!!

1. Homework- sent home today.There is spelling and math. Students were given time in class to begin. Please take a look at what they got accomplished! 

2. Math- we had a great time doing some vertical learning in math on Friday. Students took to the hallways to answer some questions regarding money. This is the second activity that we have done like this and the students truly enjoy it!

We have just begun our new unit on patterning. Students seem to have a wealth of knowledge about repeating patterns. So far we have worked on the attributes that patterns can change by and identifying the core.

Next we will be working on writing the pattern rule. Once we are done working on repeating patterns we will work our way to number patterns. 

3. Science- we continue to work on forces. Today we were able to complete some experiments focusing on friction. Great question to ask your child- name a surface that has a lot of friction and one that has a small amount of friction. 

4. Library has been focusing on creating useful things. The task last week was to build a pencil holder that hangs off of a chair. There were a few pretty creative ideas! 

5. Congratulations to Mohamed for a wonderful presentation. Well done! 

We look forward to Neil's presentation on Friday!!!

6. Pizza and Subway forms are online for the next term. 

7. French information forms went home today with your child. Please read through and return to school as soon as possible.

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Good evening everyone!


This week the students came home with new spelling words and some math sheets. Due to those snow days we have a lot of catching up to do with our unit on money.

Today the class was working on sorting the coins and counting amounts to $10. Students should take some time at home and practice counting various coins. Skip counting is very important. We have worked on skip counting by 25!!

Play a game and see if they can count a series of coins for you!!!

Students have performed a few experiments to reinforce the concept of pushing and pulling. We had a wonderful discussion about gravity as well.
Next we will be looking at the force of friction and the force of bouyance.

 Thank you to Lily for doing her presentation 2 times!!! Well done!

We have been doing some creative work during our library time. Working in groups or alone everyone is taking part in designing.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the late posting- my son had a hockey game that I forgot about!!!

Here is the news for this week;

Homework- there are no spelling words for this week. Instead I have sent home a sheet on fire safety. Your child will be asking you a few questions about the smoke detectors in the house. On the back of the paper, I am asking them (with your help) to draw out their escape plan in case there is a fire.
I showed them mine today so they should have a good understanding of what to do.

Math- we are starting money tomorrow. I will review a few concepts (names of coins and bills, and their value), then we I will have them working on counting money. By the end of the unit they need to be able to count coins and bills to 10 dollars.

Science- we have begun our unit on forces. We have discovered that a force is a push or a pull (sometimes both!).

A reminder, there is no school on Friday!!! So homework is due on Thursday this week!

Thank you to Claire for the amazing presentation! We can see a lot of work went into preparing for it! Thank you.

We look forward to Lily's presentation on Thursday!

Try to stay warm this week!
Mrs. Giamberardino

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hello everyone!!!
Hope you enjoyed your chilly weekend! This week looks pretty cold once again. Just a gentle reminder to dress for the weather!!

Last week, we had the opportunity to have Love to Groove come to our school. We took part in an hour long dance session! The kids were active the entire time and learned a lot of great moves! Fun was had by everyone- including me!!!
Check out the moves!!!

Some dance off moves!

Working as teams to create shapes, numbers and words!

Congratulations to Caterina for an excellent Star of the week presentation! We learned a lot of great facts about her!

We look forward to Claire's presentation this week!

This week;

1. Students are right back into their spelling program. Try to review the words each evening.
This week for homework students will be writing a procedure. They have worked on several in class and looked at numerous examples, They should understand how to create it. 

2. Math- students are now working on reading a thermometer. They are aware of specific benchmarks on the thermometer. Ask them if they know when water boils, freezes and what our body temperature should be.
We have begun looking at time. We are currently reviewing some concepts of hour, half hour, quarter to and quarter after. By Tuesday I will be looking at grade 3 expectations- time to the 5 minutes.

3. Science- tomorrow we begin our unit on forces.

1. Water bottles are important to have everyday!
2. Agendas need to come to school everyday. This helps them track homework and important notes.

Here is the picture of our New Year's Resolution as I had promised!!

New Year Mass - This Wednesday at 1:30pm- all are welcome!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

Students worked hard at creating new year's resolutions for our class and their own personal ones.
Ask your child what his/her goal may be for this year.
I will be posting a picture tomorrow of all our goals!!!

Students received their homework today and a math sheet. Please refer to the helpful anchors that I have included.

Some reminders;

1. Students need running shoes for gym class.
2. Water bottles should come to school each day. We are very far from a fountain and a lot of time is lost going to and from the water fountain.
3. Snowsuits- students need snowpants, hats and waterproof mitts each day to keep them warm and dry.

New Year's Mass - is on Wednesday January 16th at 1:30pm. All are welcome to join us.

Have a great week everyone!